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The Legal Billing Group
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The Legal Billing Support

You Deserve

Our extensive expertise and tailor-made solutions will ensure the seamless operation of your law firm's billing department.

40+ Years of Industry Experience

Save Time & Maximize Profits

Achieve Greater Operational Efficiency

We Are Experts

We revolutionize the way legal billing is managed. As experts in the field, we understand the unique challenges. With our innovative solutions, you can streamline your billing process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Trust the experts in legal billing to take your practice to the next level.

Increase Profits

Our exclusive framework helps law firms of all sizes maximize profits year after year. We evaluate your current billing processes and operations to identify opportunities for growth and cost savings. Custom-tailored plans ensure you rapidly implement our recommendations for a quick profit boost.

Remote Services

Our remote services offer the convenience of having a dedicated billing department without the need for physical proximity. By outsourcing your billing needs to us, you can avoid the additional expenses associated with hiring an employee, such as payroll taxes, health insurance, and workers' compensation insurance.

We Can Help

Click below to watch a short presentation, showcasing the process of how to get started.

Click to watch a short presentation, showcasing the process of how to get started.

We recognize the importance of responding to client needs in a timely manner and always ensure a prompt and thorough response. We strive for effective communication and swift resolution of any questions or concerns related to billing. 


Doing things the right way just costs less. Maintaining an in-house billing department requires allocating staff, office space, equipment expenses, and other fixed costs. By outsourcing billing, these costs are avoided. This frees up internal staff to focus exclusively on client services rather than administrative tasks

Decreased Cost

We increase efficiency and ensure that your billing is working for you. Through diligent oversight and ongoing optimization of our processes, we aim to deliver a seamless billing experience that gives you confidence that everything is taken care of from the backend, allowing you to exceed the goals that are most important to your success.

Increased Uptime

We pride ourselves on developing deep, long-lasting relationships with our clients built on trust and understanding. Through ongoing engagement and communication, our team strives to gain meaningful insights into each client's unique business objectives, priorities and challenges. 

True Partnership

Our clients entrust us with the important responsibility of managing their billing and keeping their clients' information confidential. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and always act with integrity and transparency. We understand that building trust with our clients is fundamental to our business and crucial to our long-term success. We maintain professional liability insurance coverage as an additional layer of security.


We build business relationships and retain our clients by exceeding their expectations, not by trapping them into lengthy contracts. We strive to build lasting partnerships with our clients by consistently delivering work that surpasses their expectations. Our pricing is competitive and we only bill for time actually devoted to their needs.

No Contract Traps


Let us show you why we are

The Billing Experts.

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We are Committed to Finding the

RIGHT SOLUTION for Your Billing Needs.

Our clients rely on our team of experts to handle the full range of tasks associated with legal billing. Through consistent, reliable service across the billing lifecycle from intake to collections, we aim to ease the administrative burden and allow our clients to focus fully on their core business operations.

Our highly trained staff are well-equipped to address any billing-related matter with the utmost accuracy, transparency and care. It is our priority to deliver a seamless billing solution so that our clients feel confident they have a trusted partner seeing to this important back-office function.

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