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The Legal Billing Group customizes quotes for potential clients by evaluating the specific needs of each law firm. We understand that every practice is different, which is why we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all pricing approach. Instead, we will create a proposal that is personalized to meet the unique requirements of your practice.


Featured here are a few questions that we typically ask law firms who are considering our services. Your responses to these questions will enable us to determine the most suitable pricing for the services we offer.


Please take a moment to provide your answers, and one of our representatives will reach out to you with a tailored proposal within 24 business hours.

If you would rather discuss these questions by phone, please click here to schedule a Free 30 Minute Consultation.

Information submitted on this form will never be used or provided to outside sources. Your contact information will remain strictly confidential to The Legal Billing Group, LLC.

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Does your firm use a client Trust Fund for billings?
Number of prebill edits:

Bill conveyance method. Please estimate amount for each method:

Any atypical or non-hourly arrangements?
Focus on your clients and reduce your workload

Experience the freedom from administrative burdens and embrace the benefits of increased cash flow, peace of mind, and more quality time for your valued clients.


Take the first step today—your success story starts with us.

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