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Workers Comp. Law Firm,

Dallas, TX


Challenge: High Accounts Receivable

Our client, a prominent worker's compensation law firm, was facing significant issues with their accounts receivable. Despite their expertise in legal matters, they struggled to effectively manage outstanding payments, resulting in high accounts receivable. Recognizing the need for professional assistance, they approached us to help streamline their collections process.

We provided comprehensive training to the law firm's personnel on effective collections techniques, emphasizing the importance of prompt communication with clients. To enhance communication with clients, we introduced automated reminders for invoice due dates and implemented a dedicated client support system.

Implementation: Process Optimization


We conducted an in-depth analysis of the law firm's existing collections process, identifying bottlenecks and areas for improvement. Based on our analysis, we implemented a streamlined collections process that included clear guidelines for invoicing, follow-up procedures, and escalation protocols. 

Solution: Training and Support


Through our expertise and strategic interventions, we assisted a worker's compensation law firm in overcoming their accounts receivable challenges. By implementing a streamlined collections process, providing training, and enhancing communication with clients, we successfully improved their financial stability while strengthening their position in the market. This case study highlights the importance of efficient accounts receivable management for law firms, demonstrating the positive impact it can have on overall business performance.

Results: Reduced Accounts Receivable by 50%


Insurance Defense Law Firm,

Phoenix, AZ


Challenge: Appeals and Collections

Our client was facing a significant number of appeals and struggling to determine collectible amounts while minimizing write-offs. The sheer volume of appeals they were dealing with became overwhelming, leading to inefficiencies in their collections process. The firm recognized the need for external support to optimize their operations and improve their financial outcomes.

Based on our evaluation findings and industry best practices, we designed a streamlined workflow that encompassed case intake, documentation review, assessment of collectible amounts, negotiation strategies, and decision-making processes. By implementing the streamlined workflow and leveraging automation, the client achieved a significant reduction in the number of appeals. The improved efficiency allowed them to focus on high-priority cases, resulting in better resource allocation and enhanced client satisfaction.

Implementation: Appeals Reduction


Determining the actual collectible amounts from each appeal was a complex task, resulting in potential write-offs or missed opportunities. The absence of a standardized process for handling appeals created inconsistencies and hindered efficiency. We provided comprehensive training to their staff on the new process, ensuring seamless adoption and understanding of the workflow. Regular feedback sessions were conducted to address any challenges and make necessary adjustments

Solution: Training & Implementation


Through our collaboration, we successfully addressed their challenges related to appeals management. By implementing a streamlined workflow, leveraging data analytics tools, and focusing on training and implementation, we significantly reduced the number of appeals while improving collectability rates. Our partnership not only resulted in financial benefits for the law firm but also enhanced client satisfaction and overall operational efficiency.

Results: Reduction in Appeals


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